ITG Diet Plan

There are all kinds of diets out there today, ranging from the very strict to the very weird. It can be challenging to find the right one for your lifestyle. A lot of buzzes has been surrounding a certain diet named the ITG Diet Plan. What makes this diet so unique? There’s actual science behind the products ITG offers, it doesn’t restrict you from crave-worthy foods, and it isn’t some silly fad that will kill your wallet and hardly touch your waist.

If you’ve finished grade school science, you know that the human body needs protein to function correctly. Proper daily protein also plays a significant part in weight loss. With the ITG program, their products provide an ample amount of protein as to help the body lose body fat and not muscle. This diet plan also focuses on the pancreas, since this is where your body pumps out insulin to take care of all the sugar a person consumes. ITG cuts sugar out of your diet, which can be a very tough thing to do and can have withdrawal symptoms. Though it is to be noted that as you get to day 4, it is said to be a lot easier and results start to be seen already.

So although sugar is cut from your diet with the ITG plan, once you get past the three-day hump, cravings are curbed significantly. There will always be those subtle cravings for a forbidden food, like a milkshake or something loaded with empty calories and sugar. Thankfully, ITG offers products that can easily replace a traditional junk food item and leave you feeling satisfied and guilt-free. The type of products ranges from drinks to dessert bars, even to pasta dishes.

The results from the ITG diet plan have been very positive, some members losing upwards of 30 pounds in a month. This is with minimal exercise as sticking to the diet plan and foods ITG has set up. The cost ranges from how much food you’re ordering, or if you’re doing it for a certain time period (as they offer 14-day program kits).

A diet plan with results and pure science to back it up truly sets it apart from some silly, and dangerous, get skinny quick schemes. If you’re looking for a diet with significant health benefits as well as making you look your best, ITG is right for you.


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