Laser Therapy System Sales

At RN Medical Solutions & Diet Center, we are proud to represent only HealthLight laser therapy systems. HealthLight is a collection of 7 uniquely shaped and sized pad accessories which pair in any combination with either of our two controllers. The pad accessories divide into two categories: Series 1 and Series 2. The individual diode output, in either series, is identical.

HealthLight Series 1 products include pads that are lower in overall power per pad and are shaped more for lower extremity and foot areas. Series 1 pads are the most famous for neuropathy and neuropathic pain.

HealthLight Series 2 pads are higher in overall output are square or rectangular and more suitable for the lower back, joints, head and neck areas. There are seven pads of varying sizes and output strengths.

With seven pads and two controllers in the HealthLight product family, there are a variety of possible combinations. RN Medical believes that if a client experiences a positive outcome in our clinic and chooses to invest in a device for use at home, that device should provide the same results as in our clinic. Our home devices use the identical, but fewer, pad accessories as in the clinic.

For more information on laser therapy system sales, please contact us at (352) 895-8968 or utilize our online contact form for assistance.