Medical Issues That Can Keep You From Losing Weight.

Losing weight is a hot topic for millions of people.  Some can drop pounds without breaking a sweat while others may have a little more trouble with it. But sometimes there’s nothing they can do to lose the weight! Some real medical reasons can hinder someone from getting to a specific weight loss goal. These ailments can be well-known – like hypothyroidism, while others are rarely talked about – such as a decline in testosterone. Learn more about these and other medical issues that could be stopping you from getting slim!

One of the leading medical issues associated with not losing weight is an underactive thyroid function. This can mean hypothyroidism as well. The thyroid gland is responsible for the metabolism in your body. Along with that, it also controls perspiration and body temperature, which can significantly affect your body’s energy. A thyroid that is not functioning correctly can result is a very slow metabolism which can lead to quick weight gain. Sadly, this can come about from something as simple as too much stress. Overexerting yourself can end in a thyroid disorder and cause more issues for your waistline besides stress eating.

Gender sometimes has a lot to do with issues in losing weight. For women, it can be a diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome, and for men is can be low testosterone. PCOS is the most common hormonal medical disorder in women and has many other side effects than unwanted weight gain. This issue has a direct impact on the thyroid gland as well and causes weight gain and trouble keeping it off. With men, a decline in testosterone is a natural occurrence with age. This leads to testosterone transforming into estrogen and resulting in fatty areas around the abdomen.

Heart disease can cause issues as well, and it relates back to stress on the thyroid again. Being overweight is the leading cause of heart disease, to begin with, but not all people who suffer from heart disease are obese. Another medical issue is type 2 diabetes. This form of diabetes causes the body to no longer react in the normal functions that keep blood sugar at normal levels. Typically this is caused by diets in processed foods and too much stress.

Most medical issues that stop someone from losing weight typically circle the thyroid gland. Besides keeping a healthy diet and getting in some good exercise every so often, it’s important to keep stress at the bare minimum in your daily life. It could save your waistline!

It is best to talk with your doctor about any medical conditions that could be preventing you from losing weight. At RN Medical your weight loss coach is a registered nurse who understands medical issues related to weight loss and can help you become the healthiest version of yourself. Contact RN Medical today for a consultation. 

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