What exactly is fat?

Body fat is a central topic of discussion, always has been and still will be. Fad diets, experimental surgeries, strict exercise routines, people go through all kinds of things to get rid of unwanted fat. But what exactly is fat? And what is it used for? Continue reading to learn more about what’s happening under your skin. 

Fat is a collection of adipose tissue. This tissue is made up what can be considered to be potential energy. What this means, is that you need the energy to survive, you need food for energy, too much food could mean too much energy, but instead, your body stores it for future energy. When your body recognizes a high intake of food, it recognizes it does not need that much energy at the time and will start storing fat for future use of energy. This intake of calories is then stored in fat cells. The worst part of fat cells is you can never get rid of fat cells, but you can make more; the physical effects of weight loss and gain come from the shrinkage or swelling/multiplying of fat cells. 

Is fat all that bad? Fat cells do have a purpose! Its primary purpose for both sexes is temperature regulation. A fat layer is like a natural blanket for our bodies; some are a bit more comforter style while others may be more like a throw blanket. In women, fat helps protect their menstrual cycles and ensure that there are no irregularities when body fat is at a proper percentage. Fat also provides the body with excellent shock absorption in case of any accidents or slip and falls, and also maintain in keeping healthy hair, skin, and nails. Too low, or high, body fat percentages can cause significant issues with the body’s natural healing process even in minor problems. 

Fat gets a bad rep, but it is a big necessity in every day healthy living. The trick is controlling the fat you have in your body and making it work for you, to where you have the healthiest and most rewarding life!


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