What to Expect With Keto

The first thing to remember when beginning a Keto Weight Loss program is that every individual body is different.  The rate at which each person loses weight is different too.

Additionally, here are a few other main factors to keep in mind while on your keto journey:

1. Your overall health. If you are overweight due to thyroid issues, insulin resistance or slow metabolism, your ketosis process might be slower than others’ on the same program, and that’s okay. Your body will work on its timetable.

2. Your individual body composition. If you have a lot of excess weight, depending on your BMI and muscle mass, you may experience faster weight loss with ketosis at the beginning that then plateaus.

3. Your regular daily habits. Your success in a keto program depends on your own efforts. Are you sticking with the plan and eating only clean keto foods or are you consuming junk foods high in fat? How closely are you watching for hidden carbs? Are you getting enough exercise? The quality of the food you eat and the energy you spend directly impacts how efficiently your body will burn fat.

4. Your body’s fat adaptation period. With ketosis, your body will need time to become adapted. If your body has never run solely on ketones before, your body’s fat adaptation period might take slightly longer than others. When your body is running entirely on ketones, you will experience the true weight loss effects of the keto program.

Making sure you are following a keto diet plan isn’t always easy. Here at RN Medical, we can help guide you on your weight loss journey. Contact us today!

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